Dog walking and dog training enhances complete wellness. Using positive reinforcement methods, our focus is on the dog’s environment, physical and emotional state, and behavior. 

The behaviors that we want to teach or modify are introduced by pairing the desired behavior(s) with high valued rewards, e.g., food, toys, praise, or using environmental elements that dogs enjoy. Other rewards include going out for walks, playing with a stick, or approaching other dogs.

We are committed to using non-aversive approaches. The dog is rewarded when the desired behavior is performed. We are not concerned with dominance, intimidation, or “having authority” over the dog because we know the value of communication and team work. 

The best behavior comes from dogs empowered to know exactly what to do, how to deliver it, and reinforcement that imbues their performance with enthusiasm. Find out more in the article What is Positive Reinforcement Dog Training?

Puppy Training Methods

Wondering how we train puppies? Watch this video to find out! 

We personalize each puppy development and training session to include your priorities. On the Spot!  introduction to training with your puppy. Our training curriculum is based on the Puppy Start Right book, Puppy Start Right Foundation Training for the Companion Dog.  We recommend you start puppy training as early as (8) eight weeks, see The American Veterinary Society of Animal Position on Puppy Socialization.