Private In- Home Dog Training Services

Our Dog Training service areas include Hudson County: Hoboken, Jersey City, Weehawken, West New York and the surrounding towns. In Bergen County: Edgewater, Ridgefield, Fort Lee, Fairfield and the surrounding towns. Contact us for locations not listed.


We Help You & Your Dog Succeed in Training for



Watch (attention, name recognition) | Sit | Down | Stay | Come |Walk nicely on leash | Leave it | Drop it | Go to bed | Wait | Attention seeking | Nipping | Pawing | Potty training | Crate/confinement training | And more...


Behavior Modification

Dog to dog or dog to human reactivity | General or specific phobias and fears | Resource guarding (food or objects) | Jumping (on family members visitors, furniture) | Aggression

How It Works




Initial Consultation Training Session

$135 - $185 for 1 - 1.5 hours

Private in –home. On the Spot! foundation coaching and training and behavior modification. Includes a comprehensive assessment, education specific to your concerns, immediate recommendations for supervision, and management strategies you will use immediately with your dog. We follow with a written summary of the session including a plan outlining the course for your training and future training recommendations. We will include practical videos and relevant attachments.



Positive reinforcement dog training in weehawken nj behaviorist

Follow –up Training and/or Behavior Modification Sessions

$100 - $125 for 1 - 1.5 hour

Following the initial consultation session, this follow-up session(s) is an ideal option to review, monitor and enhance the treatment plan. You and the trainer will create a stronger foundation by maintaining the skills you learned and furthering you along to see more progress. We move to fine-tune your mechanical and handling skills, working directly with your dog and transfer skills to you to set reliable new behavior (s). We follow up with written recommendations and a plan to continue your progress. Include practical videos and relevant attachments.


Dog training phone consults in NJ.

Phone Consultation(s)

$60 for 1 hr

This option may be well suited for clients outside of our service area or for clients having a handle on the training but may want to clarify training dilemmas with the pro. We will gather as much information as possible and guide you through your training process.


Happy Dog Training Clients!

Having just moved from the suburbs to JC, our resident pup (2.5 yrs) and new pup (5 mo) are scared any time we take them on walks and they see other dogs or people, or hear loud noises. Jen and Ashley went outside on a guided walk with us to give us specific techniques for how to handle our dogs when they become nervous and anxious.
— Kir R. Jersey City, NJ