What about Positive Reinforcement?!


Variations of the theme, encompassing a positive approach to raising and maintaining of our dog’s well-being! Make it a happy journey! Surrounding prevention, participation and learning about our furry family and friends. Positive reinforcement training involves teaching and rewarding our dog for what we want him to do in any scenario.

Dogs learn:

  1. as a consequence of their behavior, or “operant conditioning”
  2. by association, or “classical conditioning” (Pavlovian). The former is used to train behaviors, the latter is used to train emotions.

When we give a dog a treat for sitting, they learn that as a consequence of doing our recommended behavior, they got a treat. This behavior is thereby reinforced. At the same time, they learn to associate training and us with something they love and find very rewarding – eating and treats! In this way, both kinds of learning are ongoing at all times. Training is a Win-Win for both you and your dog.

What is positive reinforcement by Victoria Stilwell:
https://positively.com/dog-training/positive- training/what-is- positive-training/