Puppy Foundation
 1 -1.5 hours/2 sessions

​Each $100 - $110

In –home private coaching and training. Beyond the basics. This is ideal for you if your schedule is limited and you want to move faster and see greater progress. This option includes one session with you and your puppy and one session, the Pro will work directly with your puppy or you may prefer coaching.  We recommend multiple sessions to ensure your progress and see faster results.

What to expect from our puppy Training

Follow the Pro
 1.5- 2 hours /1 session

​$115 - $125

In –home private coaching session. On the Spot! Coaching and Training with you and your puppy. A comprehensive start-up to enjoy your puppy. Focusing on prevention, training and socialization. This is best option if you have time and skills to train and socialize your puppy but you want to make sure you are doing it right and follow a pro. We recommend multiple sessions to ensure your progress is reliable.

 Our Puppy Training “provides the foundation for a life long partnership with your dog, based on trust and understanding. The purpose of the training is to promote education about normal behavior, prevention, problem solving, and humane training”.

* Puppy Start Right. Foundation Training for the Companion Dog. 
By Kenneth M. Martin, DVM and Debbie Martin, RVT, VTS, CPDT-KA, KPA CTPType your paragraph here.

Foundation Training

Introducing positive reinforcement, capturing and training for good manners. Train for the basic building blocks.

  • Attention –leading to eye contact
  • Targeting –leading to follow you and guiding for other behaviors –see below
  • Recall/come –leading to, your puppy runs to you when you call
  • Sit & down
  • Go to place –puppy runs to a location away from you or the front door
  • Loose leash walking – puppy walks on your left side without pulling
  • Drop it & Leave it

Puppy Go Strong!!!
 1 -1.5  hours/3 sessions

​Each $90 - $100

In –home private coaching and training and day training sessions. This option is the most aggressive for faster results. This option includes Three training sessions. One session with you and your puppy and Two sessions, the pro works directly with your puppy. Or mix it up!. During the last session, the Pro will transfer training skills to you. This option is full of  prevention, training and socialization sure to start you off to a positive and long lasting relationship with your puppy. 

Puppy Pre -School 

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By Ben Franklin coined this phrase regarding fire prevention in the Philadelphia area in the 1930s

Positive Socialization

Not just socialization to other dogs! We will show you how to positively socialize your puppy to an array of stimuli.

  • People –children, seniors, people of all races, size
  • Animals –other dogs, cats, birds or other animals
  • Health and grooming –walking equipment, touched for grooming or examination
  • Environments –pet store, busy streets and places, crate and other confinement, car, outdoor sitting, backyard
  • Surfaces, noises and other novelty items –vacuum, blow drier, garbage can, walkers and other devices, bike cycle

Problem Prevention and solving

Prevent against boredom, release your puppy’s pent up energy –deter mischief.

Using positive reinforcement, you will learn and be coached regarding proper management and supervision of your puppy.

  • Play biting and mouthing,
  • jumping, “counter surfing” and stealing objects,
  • chewing,
  • independence training,
  • resource guarding,
  • crate training and/or proper confinement.

Our puppy training curriculum is based on the book Puppy Start Right Foundation Training for the Companion Dog. We personalize the training including a solid foundation for positive socialization, problem prevention and solving, and positive training. We help you to anticipate and manage puppy behaviors that may develop into problematic behaviors in the future. Teaching and entertaining your dog with foundation behaviors (see below) will capture his/her puppy energy and redirect potential mischief and learn manners. Early socialization vaccinates your puppy against behavior problems like reactivity to other dogs, people, places, things and sounds. Without proper socialization, puppies can grow up to become fearful and reluctant to approach or be approached by unfamiliar stimuli –some dogs may even grow to become reactive by showing fearful aggression.

We recommend you start puppy training at 8 weeks of age– see

" an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure "