Multiple Training Sessions
 1- 1.5  hour

​$100 - $120

Following the first training session. We set up private multiple sessions (more than one session), typically twice a week or once a week. This is the ideal route for training; it allows you for consistency and follow –up to maximize the training and create a stronger foundation and maintain skills learned. I will set up appointments to fit your busy schedule, give you specific tools to improve on your mechanical skills, handling skills, and teach you to best read your dog’s signals for accuracy.
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  • Watch (attention, name recognition)
  • Sit
  • Down
  • Stay (sit-stay, down- stay)
  • Come
  • Walk nicely on leash​
  • Leave it (Back off)
  • Drop it (kindly spit out that thing in your mouth)
  • Go to bed (or place)
  • Wait
  • Separation anxiety
  • Fears and phobias
  • Resource guarding (food or objects)
  • Jumping (on family members, visitors, furniture)
  • Mouthing/Attention seeking  (nipping, pawing)
  • House breaking/crate training

Initial Training Session
1.5 - 2 hours

​$135 - $145

In –home private coaching session. On the Spot! Coaching and Training with you and your dog. I gain as much information as possible about your dog and assess for training goals that meet your immediate needs.  We will give you a written plan outlining the course for training detailing long and short –term goals. We will include practical management tools that you can use immediately with your dog. Videos included and follow-up emails recommended.

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Day  Training Sessions
1 - 1.5 hour

​$95 - $115

Following the first training session.  We set up a private day training session(s)  in your home or in the outdoors. We train your dog based  on goals we have prioritized together. After the day training session(s) we work with you on a transfer of skills to make sure that your dog will be reliable with the new behavior (s) and we help you to continue to be involved in your dogs progress by providing you on-going support. 

​​​​​...... In addition, we can help you with various other problems your dog is experiencing. Each meeting with you and your dog is personalized and target specific needs you want to prioritize. Each session starts with an initial consultation that gathers pertinent information to establish realistic goals that will guide the training process giving you immediate management tools. Services are designed to suit your life style. We offer in –home consultation and training. We use the outdoors for training leash walking, properly greeting other dogs and dog reactivity (managing the environment). 

Puppy Training
1 -1.5 hours.

various options

Our Puppy Training provides you with all the foundation training, prevention and socialization for a life long partnership with your dog.

We offer several options for you based on your time and training skills. Our training curriculum is based on the Puppy Start Right book. We recommend you start puppy training as early as eight weeks, see The American Veterinary Society of Animal Position on Puppy Socialization.