Are you and your dog new to training ? or you and your dog have trained before but the behaviors are just not reliable ? you have done extensive googling and watched videos but the training is not working either in the home or outdoors? Do you want dog training to apply to every day scenarios ?.... Then you have come to the right place. 

 Email us for more information. Classes are taught using science -based, force and intimidation free methods and using positive reinforcement to accelerate learning. Classes include weekly home work, hand outs and demo videos to compliment each week. Classes are held small to maximize for attention and instructions. Make-up classes may be purchased for an additional fee by appointment only. Upon completion each duo will receive a certificate of completion.​​​​

  •  Basic Obedience

  • Puppy Classes

  • Doggy Boot Camp​

Doggy Boot Camp/Canine Clinics
 45 minutes -1 hr. 

By appointment only

This option is ideal, if you and your dog have attended group classes or private training sessions and your time is limited and you can not commit to a six week class at this time, but you want to further along with training.  We will focus on specific behaviors you want to further along by going over cues, timing and rewards. Most groups include two or Five dogs.

 group classesmay include...

Puppy Pre School & Social
1 hour /5 sessions

For puppies 8 weeks to 14 weeks. A complete  package including all the foundations for prevention, training and socialization. We begin with fundamental behaviors and introduce positive reinforcement. Managing for puppy behaviors like jumping, mouthing and house training and more. Training for impulse control  including stay and  leave it. We introduce proper socialization with other puppies and introduce  an array of objects, sounds and greeting humans. 


Photographed by Thomas C
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Bark for current class (s) available and for registration

Fundamentals/ Basic Obedience
1 hour /6 Consecutive sessions

Open to dogs 4 months and older. Fundamental behaviors will include, Focusing on handler, sit, down, stay, loose leash walking, leave it, hand targeting/touch, recall/come when called, and greeting without jumping. Fundamental training offers a strong foundation for teaching more advance behaviors.